Language Resources

Online tutoring

italki Italki helps you find language tutors and teachers from all over the world. Get $10 credits for free after booking one lesson here!
verbling Verbling is an online platform which allows you to connect with professional and affordable teachers for more than 35 languages. Sign up here!

Learning materials

innovative Innovative languages offers a huge amount of podcasts organized by levels in 34 languages together with really good quality pdf's. It also includes a flashcard system and they even have a mobile app for both iOS and Android!
glossikaspaced Audio-based course which provides you with 3000 sentences both in the target and the source language. Glossika helps you learn based on spaced repetition philosophy. Read my review to find out more about it!


coffee-break Coffee Break is a podcast run by the Scottish company Radio Lingua which can help you secure your knowledge of Spanish, French, German and Italian for free! Podcasts always includes a native speaker!
franc%cc%a7ais-authentique Français Authentique is a website conceived to help all those at an intermediate level who want to improve their speaking skills. You'll enjoy specially if you're into mindfulness and productivity! Find it on iTunes 🙂
italiano-automatico Italiano Automatico also helps intermediate Italian learners develop their speaking skills while also discussing healthy habits, productivity, Italian culture and many others! You can find the podcast on iTunes 🙂
slow-german Just as for French and Italian, there's also a German exclusive podcast called Slow German you can use to help you improve your German skills. It's quite slow paced, so it's perfect for intermediate students! You also find this one on iTunes.

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